MB92 Celebrates 25 Years of World Class Superyacht Refit

The Barcelona refit shipyard MB92, one of the world's largest refit, repair and maintenance facilities for luxury yachts is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The shipyard started activity in 1992 with the vision to provide excellence in yacht refit, repair and maintenance, and quickly elevated its offer to cater to the growing global superyacht fleet. Today, MB92 leads the ranking for shipyards dedicated exclusively to superyachts.



"At MB92 we are driven by a deep commitment to delivering excellence in quality and efficiency of services," said MB92 CEO Pepe GarcĂ­a-Aubert. "We have continually invested in our shipyard and in our people to meet the ever more demanding needs of the industry. We are very proud to be celebrating 25 years' service to the sector, and we want to share our appreciation for the trust placed in us by our subcontractors and all of our clients for choosing Barcelona for their refit works."

Continued growth

Since its launch, MB92 has developed a network of world class subcontractors to ensure clients are surrounded by the very best specialists in the industry. New investment in facilities and equipment has further cemented the shipyard's standing as one of the best of its kind in the world. MB92's concessional area within the Port of Barcelona (which was renewed for another 30 years in 2010) has grown since 1992 from 25,200m2 to 124,000m2 today.

"The future for the superyacht refit market is bright, which is why we are investing in a new 4,000 ton Shiplift that will permit the dry-docking of vessels up to 105 meters in length. This increased capacity will enable us to continue servicing the world's finest superyachts," said Aykut Ozgulsun, Deputy CEO.

 Demand increasing

In its 25th year, MB92 continues to grow. In recent years, MB92 has refitted around 100 yachts each year with an average length of 70 meters. With both demand for refit services and the size of yachts increasing, MB92 is building for the future with the new Shiplift and hard-standing area that will have capacity for up to 12 vessels at a time.

MB92 is located in the Port Vell of Barcelona, a strategic stop-off point for the yachts on their journey between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

With 25 years of activity in the superyacht industry, MB92 has the experience to undertake any yacht refit operation from start to finish guaranteeing the highest level of quality (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISPS).
MB92 has 100 permanent employees and an average of over 900 indirect support service professionals that work as specialist subcontractors in every naval field, both locally and internationally.

The shipyard facilities include:

  • Land surface area of 82,500m2 and 41,500m2 of water surface
  • 220-meter dry-dock
  • Syncrolift able to dry dock vessels up to 2,000 tons and 70 meters in length
  • 150 ton Travelift
  • Docking repair quays with capacity to berth 14 yachts up to a maximum of 220 meters in length
  • Hard-standing area for work on up to 6 vessels
  • 4,000 ton Shiplift that will permit the dry-docking of vessels up to 105 meters in length with a hard- standing area with capacity for up to 12 vessels to be completed end of 2018.
  • 8 buildings covering a constructed surface area of 15,200m2, providing space for around 45 independent subcontractors to develop and work on services in the shipyard

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MB92 is one of the largest superyacht repair facilities in the world, dedicated to providing service-refit, repair and maintenance works to more than 100 superyachts per year with overall lengths from 35 up to 200 meters.